Frequently asked questions

Is there someone who can help me 24- hours a day?
The customer service number is available from 10-5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday – Friday
Will a Customer Service Representative be able to help me with an order?
Yes, any CSR will be able to help you with a new order, change request, cancellation and/or new campaign. Many times, a new job posting, email alert or text can be processed within 2 hours!
How do I create an account and/or place an order?
Simply fill out the contact form for a call back, call into the Customer Service Department or request a call back from a CSR via email.
Why should I choose Total Driver Engagement (TDE)?
TDE engages your driver pool like no other recruiting firm, software or advertiser can. TDE offers more bang for your buck when compared to the competition.
What exactly does TDE offer that we are not currently already spending money on?
TDE directly engages your driver pool database via email, text and optional voice broadcasting. TDE will post your jobs on their job board, TDE will manage your database so your company stays compliant with applicable federal and state laws.
How does TDE stack up against the competition?
TDE is not out to compete with other direct marketing agencies. However, take a look for yourself and you will see that not only are we more affordable, but we offer more customer service, not to mention added exposure on our job board.
How many sends should I purchase?
The number of sends you purchase should be in direct relationship to how many drivers are in your database and how often you plan on contacting the database in a given month. Direct contact can be used for job alerts, sign-on bonus promotions, driver referral campaigns, etc.
Will I be getting fresh new leads or leads that have been re-circulated?
With TDE, you will be getting refreshed leads from your own database and new leads generated from the job board. Many times, all it takes is reaching out to that forgotten driver to turn them into a fresh new prospect or even a hire!
How quickly can TDE get our phones to ring?
TDE can literally get the phones ringing minutes after an email and/or text campaign is sent out!
How can we track the success of our TDE campaigns?
We encourage setting aside at least one toll-free number to track the number of incoming calls, or one for each source (emails, texts, job board, etc.). For clients with Tenstreet, special tagging is available to track all new applications and distinguish which job the driver is applying for.
How much contact/support am I limited to with TDE?
TDE does not cap the amount of contact/support needed to ensure that our client's campaigns are successful in nature. We are here for you 24/7 via email and 10-5 EST Monday-Friday via phone. We process every request/order in an expeditious manner as we know that time is of the essence.
How do I post my job listings to your site?
TDE will post all your jobs in all major municipalities that are within your hiring area foot print. We have over 600 cities saved in our posting software to ensure nationwide coverage if needed. Just email us each job's pertinent information and our staff will do the rest for you.
How much does it cost to advertise on your site?
We have 6 packages to choose from to meet your needs. New clients receive a special introductory offer that gives you the first month free, second month at half price and third month at regular price. This is available on all packages! All packages are pre-pay only!
Are there any special offers?
Yes, after your special introductory rate, and going forward, we offer clients two more ways to save. Pay 6 months in advance get 7th month free! In addition, clients that pay for 10 months in advance, get their 11th and 12th months free!
When can I start?
TDE allows clients to start at any time on any given day of the month. No need to wait until the 1st of next month. We will bill accordingly when it is time to continue service in your 4th and subsequent months.
Is there a set-up fee?
TDE does not charge clients anything outside the desired package purchased price. We do not have any hidden fees or small print to worry about. As a matter of fact, your 30 days does not start until the first email and/or text is sent.
I like our current advertising relationships, but I am not sure what to do, can TDE help?
TDE offers a 20/20 guarantee! Show us your current plan that offers any and/or all of the same or similar services and we will give you 20% more while doing it for 20% less. That's our 20/20 guarantee!
I want to continue using our current advertising sources, will TDE still work with us?
TDE recommends that each client continue to use their current methods but to always perform regular evaluations on each source to ensure both performance and budget goals are being met. Simply make room for TDE in your recruiting budget to achieve your overall hiring goals!
Does TDE offer any type of hands on training?
TDE offers both hands on training and recruiting department evaluation for a nominal fee plus travel expenses. Training and evaluation fees are $1000 per day ($3000 minimum) plus all travel expenses paid for in advance by the requesting company. Contact us for details.
Does TDE offer any type of guarantee?
TDE guarantees that we will send out the total number of sends (emails, texts and calls) purchased and post all jobs furnished from the carrier to the job board based upon your purchased package.